Sheesham Furniture presents Solid Chinioti Rosewood/Sheesham handmade carving SPECIAL DOLLI Jhoola/S..
£1,499.99 £1,399.00
Sheesham Furniture presents Large Pillar Style Solid Chinioti Rosewood/Sheesham handmade carving, 3 ..
£1,999.99 £1,799.99
Solid Sheesham Wood Heart Style Sofa Set (SHOWROOM EX DISPLAY TO CLEAR)Polish: Natural Double ToneFa..
£1,100.00 £550.00
Solid Sheesham Wood Heart Style Sofa Set (Showroom Ex-Display)Polish: GoldFabric: Red Malai Valvet50..
£550.00 £275.00
Solid sheesham wood Rosewood Hand made stylish Side Lamp Pair with hand carved design and tradi..
£199.99 £159.99
Wooden printed round side/center/coffee hand printed Naqashi Table. Assorted Colors ..
£99.99 £49.99
Solid Chinioti Sheesham wood Magazine Rack with Brass work, beautifully handcrafted.Natural Brown Po..
£99.99 £69.99
Solid Chinioti Sheesham Cut work Mirror Frame, beautifully handcrafted. Shop ex display, may have so..
£249.99 £159.99
Solid Chinioti Sheesham (Rosewood) beautifully handmade Round Small Center Table. Polish: Golde..
£199.99 £124.99
Solid Rosewood/Sheesham handmade Chinioti round Tea Trolley/Serving Trolley with Carving Cut Wo..
£249.99 £199.99
Solid sheesham wood ( Rosewood) handcrafted rich brass work Captain Box with velvet covered, Tr..
£499.99 £299.99
Sheesham Furniture presents Solid sheesham wood ( Rosewood) Hand carved  2 Seater Rou..
£1,399.99 £1,199.99